When it comes to making money online, developing a targeted subscriber base of active and repeat customers is an essential ingredient in the recipe to success.

For example, with a mailing list you can simply create broadcasts that go out to your entire subscriber base that feature a blend of high quality information and content with promotional based offers.

You can then include affiliate promotions for products and services that you are interested in advertising, as well as gaining valuable feedback from your subscribers on the different types of products that they are interested in.

This information will help you develop your own product line of high quality, in demand products with a ready-made customer base waiting to purchase your releases.

It’s an exceptionally easy thing to build a list, even if you are a complete newcomer to the world of online marketing and business. The trouble comes with people approach list building in such as a way as to hinder their chances of actually being able to fully monetize their mailing list.

Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes made by email marketers.

Not using a professional autoresponder

One of the most important steps you’ll ever take as an email marketer is in choosing to power your mailing lists by establishing an account with a professional autoresponder provider.

There are many different reasons why setting up a remotely hosted autoresponder account is important, including:

1. Increased Deliverability

There is no sense in spending time crafting a high quality broadcast or email if no one is able to receive it.

By setting up your mailing list with an experience autoresponder service team, you can rest assured that your emails will make it to their destination.

It’s their job to maximize deliverability rates and help you connect to your subscriber base quickly and easily.

Professional autoresponder providers typically offer a quick “email check” prior to sending out your email that will analyze your mailing and determine whether it’s likely to be filtered by anti-spam tools. This enables you to quickly edit your email so that it is far more likely to be processed into your recipient’s inbox.

2. Safeguarding Your Mailing Lists

Professional autoresponder providers offer frequent back-ups of your database, in the event it becomes corrupted or inaccessible.

This is extremely important, because the last thing you would want to do is spend the time and energy developing a massive list of subscribers, only to lose it all.

Your autoresponder service provider will also handle all requests to unsubscribe, helps you comply with CanSpam regulations and provides you with the ability to write as many newsletter messages as you wish, and set up the dates and times when you want them to be published.

This means that you can write all of your messages at once and have them trickle out to your subscribers on specific dates.

3. Important Features

If you are interested in maximizing your open rate and overall response rates, you need to utilize the different features available within your autoresponder account including your average open rate, opt-out rate, response rate and whether any complaints have been sent in regarding your recent mailing.

Keeping a pulse on your subscriber base and how well they respond to your broadcasts will help you improve your mailings and tailor your campaigns so that they directly communicate with those who have subscribed to your lists.

You can review detailed statistics for your entire newsletter by logging into your autoresponder administration panel (most autoresponder services should offer enhanced features, some with the option to upgrade for access to advanced tools)

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is quite difficult to switch autoresponder providers once you have etasblished a mailing list as your subscribers will have to re-subscribe to your new list.

Keep this in mind when you begin building your lists and choose to create an account with a reputable autoresponder company right from the start.

Here are two recommendations:

Get Response


Having a list in your marketing arsenal will instantly maximize your outreach, while making it easier to make money with less work involved.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1



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    11 replies to "Why You Should Take Advantage Of Professional Autoresponder"

    • Yvette

      Hi Siphosith,
      You are right, building your list is essential. I personally love MailChimp. You mention two, GetResponse and AWeber. Which one of those two would be the one you would recommend for entrepreneurs that are just starting out?

      • Siphosith

        Welcome to my blog Yvette .I have experience with these two Yvette. But I would think all of them work in more or less the same manner.

    • Julie Jordan Scott

      Thank you so much for the valuable information and the reminder about autoresponders. I’m rebuilding my online presence so all these details are slowly and surely falling back into place. I appreciate it all so much!! Hooray for the UBC and all the smart people here!!

      • Siphosith

        Welcome to my Blog Julie . Glad that the info is a great reminder .

    • donna merrill

      Hi Siphosith,

      I find it most important to use a professional autoresponder. One that is reliable, has good customer support, and gives a good look to your email.

      Yes, once we have one in place, it is difficult to switch it to another. So it’s best to look at all of them to make a good choice.

      When it comes to paying for it, one must remember that it is an important part of their business.


      • Siphosith

        I appreciate your comments and the additions that you make.

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    • Mark

      Nice post Siphosith!

      I really like the point you made about in your first
      tip, that unless your paid autoresponder service has a high deliverability rate,
      your truly wasting time crafting email messages of any kind, that barely get delivered to subscribers inbox.

      That’s a really key point and something you definitely need to know up front.

      Plus understanding how the many features work, so that you can really deliver solid value to your subscribers and maximize the many benefits of the paid autoresponder provider.

      Thanks for sharing your knwledge! And i like the aweber video too!

      • Siphosith

        Hey Mark, thank you for commenting, yes the autoresponder is key in email marketing.

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    • Matt

      This is not something that I have implemented on my site yet. I have been evaluating it’s effectiveness in my industry. I probably just need to jump in and do it. Thanks for providing this valuable information.
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