Using  WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast for On-Page SEO

Today we will look at using WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast in your everyday blog use to optimize your content for search engines.

Snippet Preview

your meta data – the page title and description and shows you what it will look like in Google search results.

Focus Keyword

– what is focus keyword wordpress seo by yoast
It is the keyword you most expect your post to rank for, and best describes your post.
if someone searched for your focus keyword, you would want and expect your post to show up in Google.

Yoast will take your focus keyword and run a check to make sure you have used it appropriately throughout your post
so that it will be obvious to search engines what your post is about.

SEO Title

the title you want to use on your blog that best describes your post for visitors coming through search engines

Meta Description

allows you to customize the 2 lines of description that appear in the search results and many social media sites

Page Analysis

If you click on Page Analysis the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast runs a quick check of your post for SEO best practices based on your focus keyword.

To learn more on search engine optimization check this website.



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    33 replies to "Using WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast Doesn’t Have To Be Hard"

    • rai

      great post on using yoast . thanks
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    • Matt

      Yoast is an amazing tool when used properly. I’ve made a game out of writing a post before putting it into the Yoast tool to see if it will go “green” without any modifications. I must have a fairly boring life because I am regularly entertained by the process.
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      • Siphosith

        I like your practice , you write for people to understand rather than writing for SEO. Then you tweak it afterwards. Thanks for commenting.

    • Bill

      Great guide on using Yoast’s most popular WP plugin! Simple and to the point – perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.
      Bill would like you to read…List Building 101 Tip #37 — Give a Reason – Internet Marketing MuscleMy Profile

      • Siphosith

        Thank you for commenting. Im glad you found this to a great guide.

    • Sue Bride

      I’ve tried various SEO plugins but Yoast is my favorite. Some go overboard recommending what I think are so many keywords a post doesn’t sound natural. They read as if you are writing for search engines and not your readers. The Yoast SEO guide is superb too.
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    • Zach

      I use Yoast for every blog post and love it! Thanks for the explanation.
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    • sandybrown

      Yoast plugine is very useful for Search Engine Optimization.
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    • Dr. Erica Goodstone

      I read this post awhile ago and I returned to read it again. I often don’t take the time to make sure I have filled out the SEO plugin details so it is great to be reminded to take a few minutes to quickly and easily improve my blog post SEO.



      Dr. Erica
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    • Nile

      The biggest thing with WordPress SEO by Yoast is one thing I see a lot when I do support for Yoast… people think by just installing it that it will do the work to make them rank better.

      It’s merely a guide to help optimize the content on your website. The ranking is based on several factors that are all user-input-based.
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    • Bilal Tahir Khan

      Yoast is good Plugin for WordPress Seo Awesome feature and Thanks for guide and sharing your experience with us keep up it
      Have a nice week ahead.
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    • HoodaK

      Hey Siphosith! This is the best SEO plugin explanation I have ever watched. Short and straight to the point. I used to use SEOPressor and it’s not even half as easy to use as this. I don’t have any SEO plugin on my blog at the moment but I am definitely going to download Yoast and give it a try. Thanks for your super easy to follow video.
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    • Karen Peltier

      Hello Siphosith.

      I’m so glad I found your post about this. Most of the items I knew, but for some reason I wasn’t familiar with the “focus keyword.” And the page analysis plug-in sounds super helpful! I’m definitely going to consider using that.

      Thanks for sharing all these super helpful tips about the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

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    • Dr. Erica Goodstone


      Great post. And not just for beginners.
      I have had several blogs for years and I often don’t check or really use the plugins to their full advantage.

      Your detailed description is helpful and I will check to see that I have at least done the bare minimum for SEO.


      Dr. Erica
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      • Siphosith

        Thanks for stopping by Dr Erica and for your comments.

    • Zach

      I use Yeost all the time. It’s a good tool not only so that you are keyword-conscious when writing your post, but so you can get an immediate score to give you an idea of how well optimized your post is for that keyword.
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    • Donna Merrill

      Hello Siphosith,

      You have done a wonderful job explaining Yoast. I use it all the time and it makes SEO so easy to do.

      Instead of going crazy thinking about the many ways our posts are SEO rich, this plugin just gives you that green light and you are good to go.

      I don’t know what I would do without it.

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    • Heather

      Definitely bookmarking this so I can go over it in depth later this week when I spend some time on my blog. Thank you!!

      • Siphosith

        Hi Heather,
        Thanks for visiting, I’m glad this is of help.

    • Shelley Alexander

      Siphosith, What a great tutorial on how to use Yoast’s plugin! I wish I had this help when I first started using it. Now I really like this plugin and it has been great for my site.
      Shelley Alexander would like you to read…3 Energizing Smoothie Shots with Organic GreensMy Profile

      • Siphosith

        Thanks for commenting Shelley.I agree it takes sometime to learn stuff, some of which we could have used right at the beginning.

    • Willena Flewelling

      Thank you for this simple explanation, Siphosith. SEO is a bit of a bother for me, because I never can think of what my keywords or meta descriptions are. :p
      Willena Flewelling would like you to read…“What’s in the box, Mommy?”My Profile

      • Siphosith

        I’m glad that it is a simple explanation that can be easily followed. Thanks for commenting.

    • Chery Schmidt

      Hello Siphosith, What a great video girl, of course I have heard of WordPress SEO by Yoast before but never used it.

      I had no idea how easy this is to use, Your tutorial was awesome.

      I do use a plug in I purchased a long time ago called Platinum SEO and find that this does indeed to the trick for me, but Thanks for sharing… Chery :))
      Chery Schmidt would like you to read…5 Essential Keys To Becoming a Successful Internet MarketerMy Profile

      • Siphosith

        Thanks for stopping by Chery. It is a good thing you have a different plugin you use, but serves the same purpose, SEO is important for us as bloggers. Its great that we have different options and we tend to get comfortable with one that the other.

    • Tracy J Thomas

      Thank you so much for this great information on the SEO plugin. I definitely have a great need for this plugin and look forward to implementing it on my WordPress sites. Since I am such a visual person I love your videos! They are clear and concise and help me to grasp what you are trying to explain.

      • Siphosith

        I’m glad that the post was of help. Thanks for commenting Tracy.

    • Mark

      Thank you Siphosith!

      Your definitions and examples should help any marketer, buy especially a newbie move forward and start consistently ranking higher in the free (organic) searches.

      And like you said, it’s really not that hard, since the plugin by Yoast is actually doing all the heavy lifting!

      Nice job! And I really found your excellent tutorial video extremely helpful as usual!
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      • Siphosith

        I appreciate your Comments and the encouragement, thank you for stopping by.

    • Julieanne van Zyl

      I like how Yoast’s seo plugin works, makes it easy for people to specify their keywords. However, I think people forget that it’s only going to work if you have keywords that are not highly competitive.
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      • Siphosith

        Thanks for your comments Julieanne, I agree with you choosing the best keywords is very important.

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