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There is a lot of information you’ll find in the form of Herbalife reviews online, but these are generally created by angry ex-distributors who failed to make cash, or the titles of these supposed reviews are smartly written so they get you through to the internet site with the hope you may be recruited into the site owner’s downline.

There are a bunch of reviews penned by people who have some strange idea the company owes them money.

It is true that there is a massive failure rate inside M.L.M and social marketing, and that comes about because of sponsors or firms making allegations about huge commissions.

The major problem that seems to be exposed to many of those Herbalife reviews is that the people who failed were guaranteed they could make large amounts in commissions.

It is not uncommon to see signs for Herbalife opportunities handwritten and nailed up like garage sale signs they guarantee that you can make $1500 part time and some even claim that you can make up to $5500 full-time. Technically that is correct.

There are a number of people who are good at social marketing who can make that kind of money, but what the signs fail to tell you is that the folk making that kind of money have gigantic downlines and spend the majority of their waking hours working on their companies. The guarantee of earning isn’t wrong. But what folks should do is spend more time learning more about what they are getting into and what internet marketing entails.

The Facts behind the Herbalife Reviews

  • Herbalife has been in existence for over thirty years and all but 15 of the company’s $3.5 bill takings is distributed to their top producers.
  • What’s left over is distributed to the rest of the people in the field. But think about it, this large incongruity in takings can apply to any business. If you glance at the property industry it’s just the top 15 of all property agents who really make substantial commissions.
  • All of the other 85 just get by.

The reality is it’s doubtless only about 15 of people that become involved in any business who are actually pleased to put in the work to create a profitable business.

  • The earnings declaration provided by Herbalife states that the average distributor only earns $300 a year.
  • This doesn’t mean this business is not practicable Herbalife would not be in business if this was so. Stands to reason.
  • Everyone who joins an opportunity has the same odds of earning a substantial income.
  • It would seem to be that only 15 of these folk basically do what’s important to reach those high income levels!

If you put the words “hate Herbalife” into Google you’ll find loads of stories from people who lost their savings and take on debt trying to achieve success with the Herbalife MLM system and one three letter word is frequently repeated and that’s “lie”.

  • These are not Herbalife reviews at all they’re simply testaments written by hundreds of folks that never made it.
  • They may have been misled it’s true. But who was the one that misled them?
  • Was it the company? I do not believe so.
  • Was it their sponsor?  You will never know for sure.
  • But the truth is YOU are responsible for your greatness in any business proposition and if you can see others are successful in an MLM opportunity such as Herbalife, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the same success.

You can build a network marketing business part time.

  • It is easy to get started without giving up your real job.
  • It does not mean that you can pay no attention to your business and do it when you feel like it.
  • It needs a lot of difficult work and expertise to build a profitable business.
  • And that goes for every prosperous business. It’s irrelevant what it is.
  • You might start selling T-shirts from a stand in a shopping mall, but it will take it slow, capital and lots of effort to start showing a nice profit.

What is the secret to building a successful network marketing business?

  • The entire secret to the success of building a good profitable network marketing business is YOU and your understanding of the simple way to make a sales and marketing process that works.
  • The very first thing you have got to do it is learn how to generate leads using the attraction selling process and / or via advertising, and then convert those leads into purchasers and members of your downline.
  • After you are successful then it’s your job to steer them on to take those profitable actions.


So don’t worry about all of the negative Herbalife reviews you find online and don’t pay too much attention to the positive reviews.

As a matter of fact there are countless hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of folks making a full-time executive earnings promoting and growing their nutritional enterprises.

If they can do it, you can do it, if you’re ready to find out how to sell and market your business.

Will YOU become the new Herbalife success story?

Only you can answer that!

Here is a system we recommend for building your home based business.

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    2 replies to "Unbiased Herbalife Review"

    • Kyle Nelson

      Just like most network marketing businesses, one can become very successful and build great residual income if they have dedication and determination. Amazing review of the company!

    • Lisa Thompson

      Great review of Herbalife…

      Some people have had great success with Herbalife, while others struggle…

      It all comes down to commitment and taking action

      Dr. Lisa

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