What are capture pages?

Capture pages are one page websites with an optin form that collects information from people visiting your website. They can be basic as having a signup page and complex as having a sales page with embedded optin form.

When to Use a Capture page?

  • When you have a product you want to sell, you want people who are interested in your product.
  • Provide value, say in your blog and then you provide a capture page for them to get more information, to dive deeper into the specific information.
  • You want to build a list, and this is your biggest asset in your business. Companies change and close but if you have your list it belongs to you and you will always push a button and make money through your list- hence “The Money is in the List” phrase that is so popular in Internet Marketing.

Capture Page Terms

Different people use different terms and can be confusing sometimes. Here is a list of some the terms used.

  • Lead capture page
  • Squeeze pages
  • Landing page
  • Optin page
  • Sales page

Capture Pages Software

It used to be difficult and expensive to create capture pages only those who knew html codes could do it . But nowadays there are lots of different software that can be used to create a capture page within minutes.

These would include the following

  • Mitspages (FREE)
  • Leadpages
  • Optimizepress
  • Clickfunnels
  • And many others


Optin Pages

Here are examples of some simple optin pages:











Lately the following optin pages are more popular, with these there is a button that is clicked on and a popup shows where the information will be added, another click the person has opted in.







This is done because most advertising platforms do not want you to promote a page with a clear optin form on it.

Sales Pages












Mostly used when selling a product, where you give all the information about your product. Typical used when the prospect has already opted in. When the button is clicked then you are taken to the order form.

Webinar pages

capture pages_webinar








Webinar pages have become very popular lately. You are able to invite people to the webinar and capture their information. A webinar is a great place to drive traffic to, as people want to hear what the webinar is all about they will give their correct email.

Mobile pages


capture pages










Mobile optins work more like the regular optins , brands request point of contact and they directly message the consumers. Read more from  Socialmediaexaminer.com. These are great and powerful for driving traffic on the phones.

Thank You Pages


capture pages









This is where you send the person who has just opted in. Its good to send people to a thank you page where you can give them more direction – your gift is in your email, connect on Facebook  etc. or you can offer them different product.

These are some of the capture pages that are mainly used for building lists.

Do you have some that you have used that you can share below.

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    16 replies to "Different Types Of Capture Pages"

    • donna merrill

      Hi Siphosith,

      What a great article to clear up the many different words one uses when marketing. I always get the question “what is a landing page? Is it different from a squeeze page?” You have clarified this so well here.

      As for software I use optimize press and/or lead pages. Gone are those days where we had to know coding to build one. Thank Goodness!

      I liked the way you have given examples of everything listed. It is so easy to retain when it is accompanied by a photo.

      I’ve done them all and I like to use the webinar page with a timer on it.

      What fun!


      • Siphosith

        I used to ask the same questions too until I decided I was to take time and go deep into capture pages issue. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    • Leanne Chesser

      I have everything from simple web forms to squeeze pages to sales pages and soon a webinar page. I use OptimizePress for everything (except the simple web forms on my site).

      • Siphosith

        Great ! Optimize press is quite easy to follow and has a variety of options.

    • David Merrill 101

      Excellent run-through on the various capture pages we need to create to run an online business successfully.

      The resources you’ve given for creating these pages are pretty much the standards in the industry.

      I guess Optimize Press is the most popular because it’s really good, and quite a bit more affordable than the others.It also requires more work on your part though, so as usual, you get was you pay for. But when you get used to working with Optimize Press, it moves along pretty quickly and does have more flexibility than all the others.

      Thanks Siphosith.

      • Siphosith

        I agree about using optimize-press. I have used it too.

    • Shelley Alexander

      Siphosith, What a great post on the types of capture pages you can use on your site! I have heard that Lead Pages has some awesome landing and squeeze pages to use so I may have to check them out for my next product launch. Thanks for the info and including examples to show the differences.

      • Siphosith

        Using a resource for building your capture pages makes it very easy and the good thing is that there are quite a number to use now. Wish you the best on your product launch.

    • Vivette Harris

      Excellent post Siphosith! Thanks for clarifying the different types of capture pages! I remember when I started online I was so confused when I hear the words “capture page, landing page, squeeze page” I was trying to get all these different pages created… LOL

      Again, excellent post!


      • Siphosith

        happy that I was of help with this information. Happy creating of the different capture pages.

    • Zach

      I was just going to purchase some opt-in software. I am glad I didn’t yet. I’m going to go check out Optimizepress, since apparently a lot of your readers use and like it. Thanks for the information.

      • Siphosith

        I am glad my post was of help. Wish you the best in your choice.

    • Andrea Ansari

      Hey Siposith, good post and examples on types of capture pages. I personally use Landing Page Monkey and Optimize Press (my favorite).

    • William Earl Amis Jr III

      I admit there are amazing ones. I enter those offering education information, free. I will give my Public Relations email. This avoids unwanted personal emails I must read.

      Thanks for the walk through.

      • Siphosith

        I’m glad the post meant something to you.

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