What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing; that means NO exit hyperlinks. Quality squeeze pages use success stories that the prospect would relate to when making a buying decision. They also use things like color psychology, catchy sales copy and keyword rich text placed with SEO in mind. Some advanced marketers even use audio and video on their squeeze page. (Wikipedia)

One of the most important elements of a successful email marketing campaign begins with a well-constructed squeeze page.

Your squeeze page is the entrance into your email marketing system and if it fails to convert visitors into subscribers, you will struggle to build your lists. Your squeeze page needs to be very clean and simple.

You want people who visit your website to be given ONE option only; to subscribe to your newsletter.

This means that you need to minimize any external links, and really emphasize your opt-in form.

You also want to limit the graphics that you use on your squeeze page, so that it loads quickly and doesn’t distract your visitor from your objective; getting them on your mailing list.

In order to create an effective squeeze page that encourages visitors into subscribing to your list, consider the different types of incentives that you can offer. When it comes to listing the benefits you need to be clear and concise.

Make sure they understand ‘what is in it for them’, and what you are offering that will assist them

(remember, solve a problem, address an issue, offer a way to save time, money, relationships, etc).

When creating the body content for your squeeze page, consider underlining, highlighting or colorizing important information so that you can draw attention to the areas of your squeeze page that you want your website visitors to pay special attention to.

How To Use a Squeeze Page

Savvy marketers feature a “bribe” on their squeeze pages that provide a special offer in exchange for a visitor subscribing to their lists.

You could offer:

• Free Report

• Free Ebooks

• Free Designs or Templates

• Free Graphic Packages

• Free Video Guides

• Free Tutorials

• Free Sample Chapter (from a paid product)

• Free e-Courses, Newsletter, Magazine

This is a very effective method of building your list, however you need to make sure that whatever you decide to offer is directly targeted towards your niche market.

How To Create  a Squeeze Page?

Make sure that your squeeze page looks professional with a clean template and simple layout. If you are not familiar with HTML and editing code, you will find it easier to purchase a pre-designed squeeze page template that you can easily edit and customize to suit your needs.

Here are a few resources worth checking out:




Here is how I created a simple squeeze page 

Here is my recommended squeeze page generator.




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    • Heidi

      This is great information. I definitely need to improve my squeeze pages and appreciate the links.

      • Siphosith

        Welcome to my Blog Heidi. I ‘m glad you found the info helpful.

    • briana

      I’m a new blogger, so this is great information for me! I hadn’t even thought about my squeeze page and now I’m already excited about it! Thank you for this great, accessible information :]

      • Siphosith

        Welcome to my blog Briana. I’m glad you found this info a help.

    • donna merrill

      Hi Siphosith,

      A squeeze page is one of the most important things we need to master if we are going to sell anything! So many people get confused by this and you have done such an excellent job explaining it.

      I’ve done many and put it out there to test the market. Tweaking it sometimes is annoying, but I always say if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

      It surprises me how many people don’t know what a squeeze page is. Thank you for sharing your expertise.


      • Siphosith

        Thanks for the commenting Donna and the encouragement

    • Joan Harrington

      Hi Siphosith 🙂

      Fantastic tips on how to best utilize a squeeze page 🙂 Need to work on tweaking mine 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

      • Siphosith

        Great that you found a reminder to check your squeeze page Joan.

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