For anyone be involved in affiliate marketing, it makes sense that you want to make money – and not just some change money but as much money as possible. The goal is  to create a residual income stream. These best affiliate marketing tips will help you make that happen. These are not the basic tips we always hear about  all the time, like make sure you research your market and niche, choose a sound affiliate program. These are best affiliate marketing tips that you need to use in addition to the basics. Let’s dive in.

Be Patient about Affiliate Marketing

The one big reason bloggers and website owners give up on affiliate marketing is because they do not make any money in the early months. A lot of factors come into play when you are just beginning. Getting the most from  affiliate marketing is not easy, but one thing you do have to have is patience, because seldom do you make money in the early days. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes work and patience to get established. Keep this in mind.

Spend money to make money

If you really want to generate a steady residual income flow you will need to spend some money. Buy the products you are planning to sell. Learn about them. Use them. Find what you like and what you don’t like. Make recommendations to your potential customers based on your experiences. If you don’t know the product or products it’s going to be hard to make money from it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you do need to spend enough to know your products.

 Monetize your blog

If you are blogging and you are going to add an affiliate product you do not have to wait a certain period of time before you monetize your blog. This is one of the most common mistakes made. You can start to sell products/services right from the beginning if you like. It’s more important that you know your product and are passionate about it than waiting a specific time to start to sell it.

 Know your readers

It is beneficial to know who your readers are so that you can market to them. You need to know what they like, where they live, their age range, what kind of money they make, what products they tend to buy. When you know your reader you choose the right product to sell and you market it to them appropriately.

 Be honest all the time

In everything that you do honesty is the best policy. People can easily see through what tell them.  State both what you like and what you don’t like about the product. Mention the pros and cons. No product is perfect so don’t pretend it is just because you want to sell. There is almost always something you’d like to see different so tell your readers,  and the readers will not feel like they were cheated. Honesty will build trust and people will always buy what you recommend.

These affiliate marketing tips are sometimes missed but are very important for a marketer’s success.

There are many other tips, if  you have other tips that you use successfully share below.


A passionate small business entrepreneur that educates and motivates other entrepreneurs generate traffic to their businesses to create residual income for life. A successful blogger and network marketer who specializes in traffic generation strategies.

    12 replies to "The Best Affiliate Marketing Tips You Are Not Using"

    • Karen Peltier

      Hello Siphosith.

      Great affiliate marketing tips! Knowing what you want to suggest to be worthwhile and of good value is a must for any product you wish to “plug.” And I agree that patience is probably of upmost importance.

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    • Theodore Nwangene

      Great post on Affiliate marketing Siphosith,
      Affiliate marketing is really a very good way to make money from the internet regardless of your niche.

      However just like every other thing in life, its not everyone that started affiliate marketing that usually succeed with it. And i believe it always depends on how an individual approaches it.

      But like you mentioned on your post, it really required a lot of patience and also, buying the product you want to promote is good but its not always necessary.
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    • William Earl Amis Jr III

      I felt pulled to return and add my perception. Maybe, it is time for people to make a short video of them self. Just as it came to me. I release it only to those I first meet. I remain transparent, and then express my core passion. Nothing to do with sales, religion and monies being taken from anyone.

      This is how you open people up to feeling comfortable. Then, you may naturally interact with them. Learn their likes and desires. Determine, what they need by simply ask. Discernment, between needs vs. felt-needs is the hardest skill to learn. That is what you will master. Then, it will be simple to provide any service, product and support.

      May we all find a way to remain transparent in all our selfless activities.
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    • Willena Flewelling

      Hi Siphosith,

      For sure we need to know our readers. It will help us decide what we want to promote on our blog. It will also keep it all together under one niche rather than being all over the place with many various affiliate products.
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    • William Earl Amis Jr III

      Now, this is something we can agree is worth the time for every reader. We all have times when our patience is thin. Building up a way to allow for a time out. That will give you air and the space to look at this challenging filed different.

      It is not for everyone. Most people who are looking to earn money online. Have none to invest. They, believe that it will be done without sacrifice. Stop going out to eat during the week. Carry that lunch to work. Do not spend money wildly on stuff. That is the way to have money in the beginning.

      The only thing you may want to do first. Setup, your foundation to run your Operations on the go. The more you expose yourself physically. The better you will be promoting, products, services and other.

      Knowing people takes real interaction. You can not just sit on your computer and make any real money.

      Thanks for this eye opening article.
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    • Chery Schmidt

      Hello Siphosith, I agree with all your tips my friend, we are all looking to create a residual income stream HUH?

      I think the main thing we all need to do is to first and foremost Take Action, and then stay focused on our goals and yes have patience!

      No matter what anyone tells you, YOU will not hit those goals overnight! And Yes investing in your products and in yourself.
      Great Post,
      Thanks for sharing
      Chery :))
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    • Mark

      Great job as always Siphosith!

      You really nailed the hammer on the head, when advised newbie
      affiliate marketers to be patient!

      After all, they’re still learning their craft in the beginning!

      Focus on master the basic fundamentals and the money will definitely come!!
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    • Saqib Ahmad

      Hi Siphosith,

      Thank You for posting another useful post on Affiliate marketing. I think you are totally right about first point that it’s not an easy game. I myself offering free services and bonuses on every purchase but still I couldn’t able to get customers. I will keep promoting the product and will see the result.

      Thank You

      Best Regards,
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    • Leslie Denning

      Hi Siphosith. Your headline really caught my eye. After reading your post, I am in total agreement. Affiliate marketing is just like any other business and requires that you invest time, money, and consistent work.

      And I love that you added patience into the works. It takes time to build up a reputation. People are very wary of scams, and they probably aren’t going to buy the first time they encounter you. Thank you for sharing these points.

      All the best,
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    • Chery Schmidt

      Hello Siphosith, Very solid advice myself my friend, especially your advice where you state to spend money to make money< Now you talk about purchasing products to resell them which of course is great advice.

      I also think it is important to spend money to make money by investing in your education as well.

      The important thing with this though is that if you buy it you had better put it to use. I say this from experience, I would buy something download it and it would just sit there.

      Or I would go over the material and not take action on what I learned.

      Loved this post, Thanks for sharing
      Chery :))
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    • Sue Bride

      I now only promote products that I’m really enthusiastic about and stress the positive. I must remember to think about any negatives too.
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