Are there pros and cons of working with PLR Products ?

(Private Label Rights) PLR materials come in many shapes sizes and forms including information products such as e-books, reports and articles. They also come as graphic files, software, and more.

Every Private Label Rights company has specific guidelines of use statements on their websites. Some Private Label Rights companies do not allow subscribers to resell the content at all. Some allow the content to be
resold but do not allow the purchaser to claim authorship or to claim copyrights to the work.
Most Private Label Rights companies, however, allow subscribers to do whatever they wish with the content which has been purchased with very few if any limitations.

Here is how  the rights look like and it is important to read them first before using the PLR products.










The Cons of Using PLR products.

No doubt PLR products are a great way to get content for your website or a product to sell and other things, more so when you are still a newbie online business. They can save you time and effort  in trying to create your own content from scratch. However there are some disadvantages .

Duplicate Content

Everyone who buys the same PLR product uses the same content and as a result there would be the same content in many websites. The solution would be to edit the material to be unique. Rewrite the material and brand it in your own way.

Low Quality Material

There are some PLR products that are very good quality however there are so many products that are of poor quality. It is advisable to offer products of high quality. One has to read through the products before using them. Check for the spelling mistakes, the grammar and whether the facts are correct. Do the research as know which providers sell quality PLRs.

Duplicate Purchases

Due to the fact that the material can be changed by the buyers, it is possible that the same product can be given the different names and people are likely to buy the same material twice. Therefore you are likely to be having a lot of returns on your sales.

The Pros of using PLR Products

Now let’s go over the major Advantages of using PLR products.

Saves time.

For a well researched, informative and good quality article to be written, containing several chapters and comprising of about fifty pages, it can very well take at least fifty hours of your time and effort. With PLR products, you easily get instant content access.

Cost efficient.

Hiring someone to write content for you can be expensive, charged according to the number of words

If you need a 50 page report or e-book, then you can expect to pay a lot more. Whereas PLR content is much
less expensive.

Can be revised or altered

You can rephrase the words and add in your preferred content, links and keywords.

Brand your own name

Almost anybody purchasing something prefers to buy from someone they trust and know. With your PLR content, you are able to display your name. Then when prospects are pointed to your site, seeing your name , they instinctively have that feeling of knowing and trusting you.

Written by experts.

Most quality PLR products are professionally written and compiled with the most up-to-date research by experienced writers.




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    16 replies to "Pros And Cons Of Working With PLR Products ?"

    • Leslie Denning

      Hi Siphosith. I love PLR, and my computer is stuffed with it. I don’t send it out ‘as it’. Rather, I use it as a jumping-off point for my own blog posts, emails, products, etc. I belong to several sites, and I’m always downloading. Of course, I always freely admit to being an information product/software addict.

      I enjoyed reading your pros and cons of PLR. Unless someone is willing to put a little work into it, it’s probably not a good option for them.

      All the best,

      • Siphosith

        Thanks for commenting Leslie. Its good that you know how to use the PLR products the right way.

    • Dr. Erica Goodstone


      I have never used PLR materials since I have written my own books and lots of my own articles and blogs. However, for creating an info product that could be really useful, a way to quickly create the 4 or 5 steps you are wanting to teach or the 20 principles that were organized and written by a skilled writer.

      At some point maybe I will try using that, but for now I am still just writing my own stuff using other articles to help spur my ideas.


      Dr. Erica

      • Siphosith

        It is a blessing that you are able to write your own content. There are some people who would need that help of using PLR products as long as it is done correctly. Thank you for visiting.

    • donna merrill

      Hi Siphosith,

      There certainly are pros and cons when it comes to PLR products. The last thing one wants to do is copy and paste the content. It not only will not be duplicate content, but it won’t be in our own voice and our readers can spot that out.

      On the other hand, when used properly, it can save time. All you have to do is read it and put it into your own words.

      I’ve never done it myself, but know many that do. As long as you do it correctly, it is a time saver.


      • Siphosith

        Thank you for commenting Donna. So true it has to be done in one’s own voice than just copy and paste.

    • Vivette Harris

      Hi Siphosith,

      Thanks for providing such a well explained article on the Pros and cons of working with PLR products.

      I haven’t used PLR products before so I am learning a lot from just reading your post. I will be checking back to see there is another article I need to learn more from.


    • Julieanne van Zyl

      Hi Siphosith, I think PLR content plays a big part in a lot of people’s businesses. However, as you’ve mentioned, it’s important to rewrite it and brand for yourself, otherwise it will be the same as a lot of other marketer’s content. I was looking for a PLR product the other day. related to a specific physical product I’m selling, but I found it really hard to find anything.

      One thing that’s needed with PLR content, is an easy and efficient way to search through all of it, and find what you want.

      • Siphosith

        Thankyou for commenting Julieanne. It plays a big part once you learn how to use the content the right way. What’s the PLr you were looking for, might help searching some from the sellers that I have come to know?

    • Shelley Alexander

      Hi Siphosith, Thanks for the information on how to use PLR products. I have not used any of them before because I like writing original content and recipes for my site and I create my own print and eBooks. I sure for anyone who does use these products it can help them save time and have lots of content for their site.

    • Siphosith,

      You are wonderful with guiding us through this. There will always be those who have not found the courage to tap into their own imagination. Shape from their experiences. That is how they could develop their own products. That is what everyone should consider. Unique, is all.

      I am so blessed, not to get into this area. However, offering free stuff from reproducing and promotion someone else work. That is just to much for me to handle.

      If you wanted to continue working someone else dream. Then, do not quit your day gig?

      Hey, thanks for the wonderful and entertaining article. I learn something today, well done!

    • Willena Flewelling

      Hi Siphosith,

      PLR is something I’ve considered in the past, but I’ve never used it. It wasn’t really helpful for what I was doing online. Even less so, now that my focus is changing from network marketing to writing.

      But I agree, it’s very important to rewrite any PLR materials so they are more like your own.

    • Rachel Lavern

      When I first started blogging, I loved PLR and would recommend to others. I have not considered it in a few years other than to spark an idea. It definitely has its advantages and disadvantages.

      Rachel recently wrote Using the Oreo Cookie to Get Clients

      • Siphosith

        Great! I also feel it is a great place to start and it does teach you a lot before you are able to stand by yourself. You have somewhere to begin.

    • Mark

      thanks for sharing an excellent post Siphosith!
      And I really like the five positive points that you shared.

      In the beginning, a newbie that really has no idea what type of content to consistently post, in order to attract their particular target audience.

      The higher end quality PLR products, can definitely be an extremely big help and
      save the lots of time and help them overcome staring at a blank computer screen!

      But as Donna so wisely pointed out, just be sure that you put the content into your own words, to avoid the duplicate content trap and to maintain your own unique voice and style!

      Those were two really great points as well! Thanks for sharing such an informative post!
      Mark would like you to read…How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part ThreeMy Profile

      • Siphosith

        Thanks for commenting Mark. PLR is great if know how to use it.

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