Mits Pages was created by Vince Reed. MITS Pages are competing with the industry giants for landing pages like Leadpages and Instapage.

Let’s do a  MITS Pages review and see if their ability to build high converting landing pages compares fully with the others.
It is well known that it is essential for any online marketer’s success to use landing pages. However, most people do not have the skills,
coding knowledge or patience to create and design high converting lead generation pages.
Getting a knowledgeable person to to it for you will cost you.

So is the new My Internet Traffic System (MITS) pages a viable option and worthy trying
or should you try one of the more familiar lead capture generators/software platforms.


MITS Pages allows you to easily create the following
landing pages, webinar pages, opt in pages, sales pages,
thank you pages, and others for your business!
Fully mobile responsive, and fully customizable.
Compatible will all popular email marketing sites like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more!

Easy to use page creator
Facebook Integration
iPad, iPhone & Android compatible
Unlimited customization
Opt-in Form Creator
Responsive & Retina display ready
Split testing capabilities
Webinar Integration
No coding required
Lots More!

Mits Pages Features

Mits Pages comes loaded with features to help you customize your landing pages however you want them to be. Here are some of the features:

1. Embed Your Video

Embed your video from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or other popular sites by simply copying and pasting your code.
The templates make it easy to insert your video and adjust the size.

2.Face book Compatible

All the templates are 100% compatible with Facebook.
Easily create up to 3 custom tabs per Facebook page in just minutes!
Tap into the billion and more potential customers!

3. Mits Hosts Your pages

They host all of your pages on their incredibly fast cloud servers.
You can literally be building your list within minutes!
They provide 100% free hosting!

4. Mobile Friendly

All of the templates are responsive and 100% Mobile Friendly – compatible on all iPhone and Android devices.

5. Built in SEO Options

All the templates include SEO editing capabilities.
Easily create and change the Meta Title, Description and Keyword tags.
Search Engine Optimization is vital for your success, and that’s why all of the pages are built with SEO in mind!

6. Exit Popups

All of the templates include the ability to add and customize your very own exit pop-up.
These can be an excellent way to build your list.
The exit popup will appear when your visitors try to leave your page.
By giving them one last chance to enter their email address, this can be an extremely effective strategy.

7. Creates Pages in Minutes

With just a few clicks, you can instantly publish landing pages on their platform, on your own server, or even a Facebook page
– without touching a single line of code!
Publish up to 10 custom Facebook tabs to your Facebook page.

8. No coding skills required

Their site is designed to be as simple as possible!
Edit and publish templates within minutes by simply pointing and clicking.
All aspects of the templates are editable –
fonts, text content, colors, images, emails, opt-in boxes, tracking, SEO, and more.
Simply click the “Publish” button, and you can deploy your site on our servers, your site,
or Facebook without touching any code!

9. Redirect Visitors

Easily redirect users to any url. Create a landing page on their platform, and redirect them to any website of your choice with a click of a button.

10. High Converting Templates

They created unique templates that are proven to have high conversion rates.
Maximize your visitor opt ins, and increase your list today!

11. Duplicate Pages

With a simple click of a button, you can easily copy any page you have created on their platform.
This is great for creating similar pages for Split Testing.

12. Split Testing

The have made an easy to use Split Testing option so that you can compare how any 2 of your pages perform.
Make tweaks to colors and text, and find out which page performs the best!

13. Word Press Integration

Paying members get access to our MITS Pages WordPress plugin that allows you to easily publish your MITS pages to any WordPress site.

14. Downloadable HTML

Monthly paying members have the ability to download the template html to easily deploy on your own website!
Changes you make on our site, will instantly update the code on your server with our built-in javascript code.

MITS Pages Pricing

There are three pricing points for Mitspages, which you can choose according to your needs:

Free: The free version of Mits pages offers almost all the features of Mit spages but it only costs a $1 setup fee.
However, this version does not offer Facebook tab integration or WordPress integration
and you cannot download HTML to your own server or remove the top advertising from your pages. Still, it’s free.

$29 Monthly: This package will cost you $29 a month and it includes all the features of Mits pages including unlimited page views,
all templates available, free hosting, and all the features mentioned above.

$297 Yearly: This is clearly the best deal for serious marketers because it works down to less than $29 per month.
Essentially you’ll get all the features from the monthly package and get an additional month free.

Mits pages Creating a Landing Page

Is Mits Pages Worth Using?

If you do not have any design experience or skills, then you will benefit from Mits pages.
Mits pages is easy to use and has pretty much every feature you could possibly need.
Plus, it is very affordable so it is definitely worth using and it will make you money in the long run.


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    4 replies to "Mits Pages Review and Demo"

    • Mark

      What an incredibly powerful software platform Siphosith!

      And you’re right, it looks Vince and his team left virtually nothing to chance.

      It looks like practically any non techie could probably learn to use this incredibly powerful and extremely versatile piece of software.

      And even though it has so much versatility, it still appears to be a very tech friendly software platform.

      Which is good, because as I watched your excellent step by step tutorial, I kept thinking, if I could could probably use and be set up i minutes!LOl!

      And for all it can do, it’s more than reasonably priced!

      Thanks for exposing such a powerful potential marketing tool!

      • siphosith

        Great tool for non techy people, I like it

    • Vivette Harris

      Excellent review of MITS. Lots of features. I think it’s definitely worth using

      • siphosith

        Welcome to my blog Vivette. Thanks for commenting.

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