What is Mini Habits?

Stephen Guise has written a book named Mini Habits. The content in the book of this author is that it is something that says how the small changes can have much amazing impact in life. Mini habits is the book that anyone can try to implement in the life. This is the one which can work well. The book makes you understand the fact that the motivation star is not something that is going to come all in a sudden and make you do the things that you find difficult in doing.

This is the book that can help you in getting good thoughts so that you can easily get the things done in a much better way. The habits that you need to form for sticking with it need not to have motivation but they need you to really have triggers. It is always necessary for you to understand the factor.

Major Sentences that Makes the Book

The first point that the book talks more about is the fact that it is all about the triggers which can actually get you to a habit which you find as something to stick and not the motivation. There should be some triggering factor that makes it necessary to do that so there is no need for you to really be in need of any kind of motivation or some kind of force. It is necessary to have some factor that triggers that action for you every time.

When it comes to creating some habits that you actually need to sustain for longer term, try to ensure that you make that really easier so that you may feel like sustaining that. Only those habits which can be easily followed can be sustained or else it can put you in real trouble. There are chances for you to have some core motivations and they should be able to drive the habits that you have. The core motivations you have should be something that have got the ability for driving the habits that you have.

Bigger Ideas Discussed in the Book

Mini habits is the book which says that it is always better to do something small than doing nothing. Many people stay back with the thought that they will really do something so big but they may not do anything. Having little things daily can really have better impact rather than doing so much in single day. Most of us may blame ourselves for not being able to make progress but it is really very rare for us to find the fault in our strategies. If you are investing something in the areas like learning and fitness, then it can be found in others too.

It is always necessary for you to add some habits to life so that you can illuminate the possible path, restore confidence and also give the hope you need. It is necessary for you to understand about the things related with the book mini habits so that you achieve the aims you want in life.

mini habitsStephen gives an example that he wanted to do push ups and he started by doing just one push up a day. This developed to many push ups and then a habit. When I read his book I was challenged to start reading books which had been in my wish list for a long time. I had tried but it did not last, you know the I don’t have time excuse. I started by just reading a page a day. This has developed into a neat habit. I have taken that time to a higher level by even buying CD books so that I can listen to the book while doing exercise, walking, driving, doing dishes, the list goes on. Now I have all the time.

I am working on other habits, starting small is the key, thanks Stephen Guise with your Mini Habits. Are you working on some new habits that you want to stick with you. What are those?

Read The book you will never be the same. What book are you reading , please share and comment below.


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