Do you have the right mentor for You?

Finding a mentor that is suitable to your own needs is a very difficult task, because most people who qualify to be mentors are very busy with their own work. Their schedules are full to capacity and cannot find a spot for you in their calendars. So what will be the best way to find the right mentor? Throughout life one can be mentored by various people depending on the need. Remember you have to be determined to work hard in order to achieve what you want , no one wants to work with a quitter.

1. Firstly know what you want in a mentor:

If you know what you need to be mentored in then you have started the journey. You have to be in a position to clearly explain to the mentor what you have achieved  and what you are looking for.  The next step will be to look for someone who has experience in what you need to be mentored in. You need someone who has already successfully accomplished what you want. That way he will be able to share with you his experiences, what worked for him and what did not. You get a better way of doing things than doing  trial and error , which might take you years before you get to your success. Experience is the best teacher.

2.Ask from family and friends:

Begin by asking your friends and family on how to get someone to help you on the specific needs that you have identified. There might be one among them or someone among them might know someone who is able to help. A mentor does not have to be a person who is 60 years only, it can be a 25 year old. As long as he has the knowledge that you need and willing to share it, then that person is a good candidate.

Search the web for mentors, use Google, use social media, read about these people. Find out what other people that have been mentored say about them. The internet has made it so easy to communicate with the whole world. You can be mentored by someone local or someone across the globe. There are so many ways to communicate using technology.

4. Approach the person:

Sometimes you are able to be introduced  by someone else to a mentor-that makes it easy. but many times you have to approach the mentor and introduce yourself, state your case. This can be done via e-mail or social media. The conversation can begin from there until you both come to an agreement on how the mentorship will be done. Sometimes it might take you working under the mentor receiving instructions on how to do different aspects of a business. Another way would be to pay the mentor to help you . It is important to follow the mentor’s  guidance and advice.

What I did:

I used the payment method to get a mentor to help me. He is across the other side of the world from where I live. We communicate via Skype, email and social media. This is one of the important investments I ever made for my online business to succeed. He listens to what is worrying me for my business to progress. My mentor has shared his experience of both failure and success. He gives me advice, answers my questions and provides input when I am faced with problems. He has provided contacts and networks to further my personal and business development.  He has had experience in my line of business and has been successful, he has served as a great resource ,guide, support and encouragement.

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