Before you start to create own website you need:

It is very important for one to create own website in order to be successful in a home business. I learnt that this is where I needed to begin and I set on the task to create my own website .

These are three things needed to start:

  • Domain name
  • Web Hosting
  • Word press

How to register a domain name

Firstly decide on what the website is about. After making a decision  choose a name for your own website. For me this was a hard task because I wanted it to be perfect-I toiled with: should I make it a .com, .net, .org.  After checking a lot of other websites I found most of them use .com, I finally went with .com. I decided to use my own name.

There are two websites I know that are used for domain name registering. and Check them out and make a decision as to which one you like.

It is very easy to register your own domain name, firstly you enter the name you have chosen and the website will let you know if it has already been taken or not. If not then you can progress and register the name. If it has already been taken the website will let you know and you will have to choose another domain name.

Hosting your website.

Now that a domain name has been chosen a hosting company is  needed  so  that your own website can be found online. There is quite a number of web hosting sites to choose from. I choose Hostigator has  24/7 support, and they have affordable plans, they have three different plans. Read more about Hostigator to make a choice of a plan.

Website Platform-WordPress

The first two items of the  list have been done, the last one  is WordPress.  is the easiest platform to use even when you have never created your own website it is easy to follow. However I needed to connect my domain name , WordPress and hosting together. This sounds difficult but once you begin to follow the instructions you will find it is very easy. If  you happen to have any issues then you can call for support help and they are more than willing to help.

Once connected then you can choose your theme depending on what you want. WordPress has many themes to choose from. I found the one I liked and then customized it to the way I like. I chose to use Optimizepress which has so many features that I use for my home business. Finally I was ready to write my first post.

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