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procrastinationEat that frog is the book or audio book which is written by the popular author Brian Tracy. This is the book that is made by compiling various techniques and ideas from many people who are part of the personal productivity and time management industry. The book comes with different ways to overcome procrastination and it can make it much accessible to the people in the application of the techniques. It is something written in simple terms and so you will not find any jargon in this book. It is meant to make people understand about the various things that are available related to time management and the ways of actually executing the same. The book provides you with such methods that can be easily implemented in your life in the right way possible. There are so many exercises that are actionable for the same. The book comes with about 21 chapters and each of these chapters come with some new techniques or ideas that can help anyone overcome the issue of the procrastination. The book deals with such 21 different techniques and is really a good one for all those who want to actually know and learn how to manage their time.

Writing Things Down

Brian Tracy, who is the author of the book like any other experts in the niche of time management speaks a lot about writing things down. He literally asks you to use paper and pen when he makes you do various exercises throughout the chapters in the book. It is not a good idea to replace this with your digital format as he expects to use a paper and pen when he asks to do the same. The goals which are written on a paper with a pen has an entirely different meaning and effect on you rather than what is available in the digital format. This is something which the author gives importance because it does make a huge difference in the way you take things.

About the Author

procrastination brian tracyBefore you actually dig into the book you should have a fair idea of the person who acted behind this. Brian Tracy is the author of the book eat that frog and he is a popular author as well as Canadian entrepreneur. He is one of those role models in the world from the niche of personal development. He is also a good public speaker who talks to about 400000 people on personal effectiveness and human potential. He is a good orator too, and his speeches on the chosen subjects are so incredible that it can influence the listeners to such an extent that they can easily make some changes in his life from the speech he delivers which can actually render positive results for the long term. He is really a good author as well as orator whom anybody who would like to get some tips on time management can approach. Eat That Frog is the book which can be regarded as the one in the category of essays. Out of which some of them are really much thought provoking which should be discussed when you are actually reviewing the book.

Applying 80/20 Rule

Application of this 80/20 rule which is otherwise known as parent principle says that 20 percentage of the time when you are investing in something it can produce about 80 percentage results. About 80 percentage of the work that you do is actually done on that 20 percentage of the time when you actually spend for the work. The major key for avoiding the issue of procrastination is by learning the way to recognize and also harness the 20 percentages. At the time of you being productive, try to do that for as much time until you turn out to be non-productive. It is necessary for you to do that irrespective of the due or the deadline of the project. It is always good for you to spend that less time when your brain is really in the best form to do the work rather than spending so many hours for the same.

ABCDE Method

This is the method which says that the tasks should be done with priority along with the deadlines. The A tasks are the ones which are there with much highest priority and the E ones are with not much importance so can be dropped. If you are prioritizing the to do list at the deadline, you can easily get the better picture of which task should be assigned with the first priority and so on. Focus on this prioritization in such a way that it is done in appropriate manner until that gets completed.

Upgrading Key Skills

It is very much necessary for you to get the key skills upgraded on a periodic basis. This is something which can help you in dealing with the large projects that require those skills without much frightening and also can manage that in the best way. Many of the tasks that you need to do actually need you to have the basic skills with some other combinations and so you should be able to acquire all those which are needed. It is possible for you to make the project easy if you are able to choose the best possible method. It can make you less likely procrastinate about the same.

Come Out of Technological Time Sinks

This is really something that most of us find hard to do, but it is always necessary for you to ensure that the gadgets and the browser should not be used for any other thing other than your task. If you are not utilizing that in the right way, then it can lead to collapsing the whole thing. You should focus on the work rather than getting distracted by all these means.

Slice & Dice Tasks

There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.

One of the major things you should do for avoiding procrastination is to actually divide a huge task into smaller ones so that you can easily attack the same. You should also deal with the task in a stretch so that it does not get delayed. This book has changed many people’s lives in the way the have tackled the tasks each day, it changed my life and made it easier, to work on difficult tasks. No more procrastination on that work “Eat the Frog” Get a copy on Amazon.

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