How To create Your Own Website

Before you start to create own website you need: It is very important for one to create own website in order to be successful in a home business. I learnt that this is where I needed to begin and I set on the task to create my own website . These are three things needed to start: Domain name Web…

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10 Facts a home business entrepreneur should know

create own website

A home business entrepreneur should know the following: There are some business facts that I wish I had known even before I started as a home business entrepreneur, which I would like to share with others so that they can avoid  or correct  before it is too late. 1.Have  a plan  When building a house…

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3 Strong Reasons You Need Your Own Website

my own website

Do You Need Your Own Website? Yes you need your own website and here is why.When I started a home business online I found out that I had to have a website of my own if I wanted a long term business. I found out very strong reasons for this important venture. People who own…

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How to find the Right Mentor and Succeed Fast

Right Mentor

Do you have the right mentor for You? Finding a mentor that is suitable to your own needs is a very difficult task, because most people who qualify to be mentors are very busy with their own work. Their schedules are full to capacity and cannot find a spot for you in their calendars. So…

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5 reasons you need a mentor as an internet market beginner


What is a mentor? The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a mentor as  an experienced and trusted adviser, to mentor is to advise or train someone, especially a younger colleague. Everyone in life needs a mentor for almost anything. Just think of it, beginning from the time when one is a baby has parents/guardians to guide…

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