There are numerous strategies aimed to improve blog traffic, with the goal to create the maximum exposure for every post.
You want to apply all the features available for that. The number of blogs available on the web is rising every day and so is the competition.
Your blog is likely to remain unknown and  it will keep receiving minimal views unless you take the best strategies and techniques to improve blog traffic.

Increasing traffic to your blog in order to have more views isn’t such a big issue, but turning it big is.
It takes time for beginners, so do not lose hope but keep trying.
If you’ve a very good topic with high blogging content and a great network, you will be popular in insignificant time.

The following are 5 tips to improve blog traffic

1. Write Good Content And Post Regularly

  • Regularly updating your blog content is the best way to gather attention and regular audience.
  • Content is the online king and people are usually in search of quality information that matches their interests.
  • You have to post quality content on your blog and it is essential that you choose a niche in which you’ve expertise in.
  • Once people acknowledge your content they won’t miss a chance to read your blog.

2. Networking

Networking is important for any blogger. The following are some of the networking concepts you can apply:
• Commenting on blogs that belong to your sales niche
• Interacting with other bloggers with similar passion and belonging
• Allowing other bloggers to place links in their comments
Don’t just promote your blog – build relationship with people.

3. Promote Your Articles

  • If you belong to a certain community or network, let every person know about your blogging expertise.
  • You can submit your articles to social bookmarking websites.
  • Additionally, you can promote your articles via forums and newsgroups.
  • All these strategies will help to increase blog traffic.

4. Search Engine Optimization

  • Consider optimizing your content when writing your blog content in order to improve blog traffic. For this I use WordPress SEO
  • You ought to research on keywords that belong to a certain subject or niche
    and find keywords that people normally use when searching for information that pertains your niche.
  • Keep your keyword density below 2% to reduce the chance of being penalized by Google.
  • It’s essential that you do not stuff the keywords within posts, and the information and keywords ought to go with the flow.

5. Watch Out For Current Trends

  • News and magazines will touch on several niche topics,
    and you can use those that are highly trending to rank high quickly with your articles.
  • If you can blog about a topic before others then you’ll be able to attract attention and improve blog traffic.

In Conclusion

The above are our simple steps we take to improve blog traffic.

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A passionate small business entrepreneur that educates and motivates other entrepreneurs generate traffic to their businesses to create residual income for life. A successful blogger and network marketer who specializes in traffic generation strategies.

    18 replies to "Apply These 5 Essential Techniques To Improve Blog Traffic"

    • William Earl Amis Jr III

      We lose out most when not taking advantage of interaction. That is from a person comes to read. You caught their attention, by the brief statement and graphics in the share access. You have placed on your core social platform.

      Just remember not to stretch yourself thin. It is not wise to be involved with so many social locations. Pick one or two and master the navigation. Learn, what types of sharing goes on. Get involved with the people who share common interest and passions. That is simple. Grab their names and complete your due diligence. How? By going to place their names in search area of LinkedIn. There you can complete due diligence. Find a common passion and interest.

      That is how you practice with really feeling comfortable with your chances to gain a new contact and reader leading them to your blog.

      Just get this. Your blog is your voice for all to learn about you as a person. Leave all the hidden agenda and self-pitching products out of the process to gain a new reader. They convert sooner based on you finding solutions to common challenges.

      Keep it simple with three steps. It will work and you gain more friends.

      • siphosith

        Thank you for the great advice William.

    • Mark

      Five incredibly solid tips Siphosith!

      You are definitely offering an extremely solid how to blueprint for continuously generating rather inexpensive, highly targeted traffic to blog.

      That will probably convert at some point into subscribers and ultimately buyers as well.

      And thank goodness none of your proven traffic generating strategies are very time consuming and too difficult to implement asap!

      Thanks for sharing and providing such a solid game plan!

    • David Merrill 10

      Blogging is a critical part of your business, but without traffic, it’s a lot of work for little return.

      You give some great methods for driving traffic toward your blog, Siphosith.

      In order to make any of these methods effective, whether it’s SEO or networking or social media promotion… you must be very active, very consistently… over a substantial period of time.

      I like the first point you raise, about delivering high quality content. Without doing that, all the traffic in the world will have little value to you.

    • Kyle Holcomb

      Hello Siphosith,

      You have provided some great advice. Increasing the traffic to your blog is very important and can make a substantial difference in your income. Posting regularly shows people that you care about what you do and you are well educated in your field. Networking with others in blogging groups also provides great exposure and you can receive some useful tips from the more experienced bloggers. Thank you for sharing!

      • siphosith

        I like networking with other bloggers it has many advantages.

    • Willena Flewelling

      These are great tips, Siphosith. You’ve given a good combination of writing for SEO, and writing to bring readers back again and again — readers who will tell others about your blog too. Writing consistently is a real challenge for me, but it’s so important. Writing consistently once or twice a week is far better than writing every day for a week, and then falling back to once every two weeks. ~ Willena

      • siphosith

        I agree that consistency is very important .

    • Dr. Lisa Thompson

      Hi Siphosith

      Great post here…I agree with all points, but the biggest one is consistency. If you want to be successful you need to be posting every single day.

      Your people are out there looking for you, waiting to hear from you and share your energy!

      Dr. Lisa

    • Joan Harrington

      Hi Siphosith 🙂

      Awesome tips! Thank you for always sharing valuable tips that anyone can implement 🙂 Love reading your posts!!! Shared for you 🙂

    • Zach

      Being a consistent high-quality blogger is difficult. Which is probably why it’s so important—if it’s hard, chances are, not everyone is doing it.

      We set a goal at my firm to post at least two new articles to our blog every week. We’ve been meeting our goal for about two months now and are seeing a slow but steady increase in the traffic.

      You don’t have to be the smartest or the most creative writer, but if you have something valuable to share (and everyone does), and you consistently put your thoughts into words, you can see a difference in the traffic.

      • siphosith

        Very true Zach consistency is very important in whatever we do.

    • Michel Snook

      Hi Siphosith,

      Tips #1 and #5 are not really traffic techniques even though they help bring back visitors if you have good and interesting content. #2 and #3 are good ways to generate traffic, especially when starting out. But they are time intensive to do and must be done consistently to be effective. #4 even though has an element of importance, doesn’t really help the majority of sites. Why? If you are looking to rank on page one of Google using SEO, requires both an enormous amount of effort and money to rank on page one and stay there(especially with popular niches). You could rank for long-tail keywords, but traffic generation from them is often very low. Overall, you did cover a few methods that can generate traffic when done right and consistently. 🙂

    • Donna Merrill

      Hi Siphosith,

      These five ways to get more traffic to your blog are spot on! We have to write good content for our readers, and blog consistently. If it is once a week or once a day, consistency counts!

      My biggest take away is commenting on other blogs. I’m a firm believer of that one. This is where we are noticed besides our own blog. Someone can find what we have to say interesting and before you know it, they come to our blog. Usually they say “I noticed your comment on X blog, so I came over and …”

      Actually reading the blog post and giving a good comment not only is self serving but also we need to acknowledge the person that put so much effort into their post…like you did here!

      Those one liners never cut it for me! OK I’ll get off my soap box lol.

      Great stuff,


      • siphosith

        I agree with you Donna giving good comments on other blogs promotes the blogger who makes the comments.

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