What is a mentor?

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a mentor as  an experienced and trusted adviser, to mentor is to advise or train someone, especially a younger colleague.

Everyone in life needs a mentor for almost anything. Just think of it, beginning from the time when one is a baby has parents/guardians to guide you as you grow. Today I will talk about why you need a mentor for your home business for making money online. For about two years I tried so hard to make money online and my efforts yielded nothing until I found a mentor.

1. Sense of direction:

I had tried so many things and at the end I did not know what I was doing. You know how you browse the internet and you find all the shiny stuff where everyone tells you to buy their products and you will make money. At the end of it all you spend so much money and never make money online. At the end you wonder “does anyone make money online?”

2. Well defined system

A mentor has a well defined system to success because he has already gone through the maze. He knows what works and what does not. There is no trial and error the system has been tried and tested.

3. Wide range of network

You are at an advantage as you are able to join the mentor’s wide array of network. You are not able to do it on your own, you need other people to work with you in order to succeed. Many times when you begin on your make money online business you do not have a big network.


Mentors are good at inspiring, not just by encouraging you but by who they are and what they have achieved. Many times these people give and give, which pushes you to do more than what you could do on your own. You want to be like them.

5. Fast Track

You achieve success at a faster pace than when you do it on your own, as the mentor will show you “how to” and you never fumble on the way. He shows you the short cuts and tips that you will never get anywhere else. Do you want to achieve success and results at a faster pace.

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I found that all these were true to my success in making money online. Do you have any reasons to add?


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