Running a blog is not an  easy task considering the amount of effort required to be consistently writing blog posts faster for your audience.
The blogging experience is, however, fulfilling and it feels wonderful to know that whatever your blog is all about,
there is someone reading it and perhaps getting some invaluable knowledge about something or just having fun.

Whether you are running a blog for personal fulfillment or you use your blog to drive the sales in your business,
there is no denying that every additional subscriber increases the value of your blog.
The truth, however, is that you have to put some extra effort in order to get more people to subscribe to your blog.
This task is easily achievable and you can improve your blogs subscriber rate with these simple tips.

 Create Quality Content

content is kingContent is king, we have heard this many times.

A good blog needs to have interesting and up-to-date content to keep visitors interested.
Updating your blog may look tiring and time consuming, but it is worthy it.

However listed below are 5 key tactics that will help writing blog posts faster.

1.  Come Up With An Appropriate Schedule

scheduleComing up with a schedule to write your blog will help you write when you are less likely to be distracted or tired.
Some people prefer writing early in the morning before everyone wakes up or just before the day begins. I am more productive in the mornings
Choose the bets  time when you are more likely to be creative, less distracted or tired.

2.  Get Rid Of All Distractions

Log out all the social media sites; your twitter, Facebook and all other applications before you start.
It would be best if you only open the tabs you will be using for your research and close all the others to avoid wasting time.
You need to be focused when writing blog posts to avoid wasting your time and to allow your creative juices to flow.

3. Turn Off The Spell Checker While Writing

I find I do not waste a lot of  time, when I write my blog post without pausing to make corrections or to edit.
I finish the entire post and then go back to correct the grammar and spelling mistakes.
When you do this it will help you to write faster as you will not be worried about the mistakes.

4. Gather All The Information And Essentials Before You Start Writing

Gather everything you will need when writing your blog post.
I will usually get my writing pad, pen, or drinking water and sometimes tea.
In addition make sure that you have done thorough research such that you are only left with compiling the information.
Researching your work will help you write without stopping to refer to something for accuracy or to check on certain facts.

5. Write The Outline

Writing down the main points before you begin writing will make a great difference.
A blog post should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Once you have written down the main points it will be easier for you to fill the details and break your post into readable and attractive subheadings.

Once you are done writing your blog, turn on the spell checker and go through your work correcting all the grammar and spelling mistakes.
Read the post and edit it as necessary to ensure that the ideas flow and that the blog post is flawless.

Using the tips outlined above will not only help writing blog posts faster but will ensure that you write great blog posts for your audience.

Here is a system we used to create a website that is captivating.

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    10 replies to "5 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Writing Blog Posts Faster"

    • Mark

      Five excellent tips Siphosith!

      And your advice about only keeping the tabs open that yo need
      is so spot on!

      But it’s just so easy to get distracted! On the other hand, like you mentioned by setting up a writing schedule and creating some type of
      outline before you actually begin writing really helps keep you laser focused!

      Thanks for sharing such a solid blueprint of activity!

    • Yorinda Wanner

      Hi Spiphosith,
      thank you for the great suggestions!

      Only having the pages/tabs open for writing the post is great advice so we don’t get distracted.
      In regards to producing a ‘flawless’ post yes, I agree when it comes to spelling. Otherwise I need to remove the expectation of producing a perfect post or I would never write anything.


      • siphosith

        Welcome to my blog Yorinda. I’m glad you found some helpful points in my post.

    • Willena Flewelling

      I wish I were a writing machine, like Rachel! Sometimes, just to get ideas for a blog post, I will fire thoughts at the computer as quickly as I can — just write anything that comes to mind that may possibly fit into the post. When I’m done, there’s a lot more there than I thought I had in mind. Then I can sort out the best of it. Sometimes I need to that even before I can write an outline. The outline pulls it all together.

      • siphosith

        I agree with you there, “I wish” but with practice thought begin to flow when you write.

    • Andrea Ansari

      Thanks Siphosith, these are good tips when often, blogging can be so time consuming!

    • Rachel Lavern


      I am know as a writing machine–I get an idea, quickly pound it out, post it and move on 🙂 But I do believe that anyone can write faster if they follow a five-step formula for writing more efficiently: S.P.E.E.D. writing. It covers a lot of the same ground that you do.

      S: Select a topic

      P: Prepare your facts

      E: Establish a structure

      E: Eliminate distractions

      D: Dash to the finish

      • siphosith

        Thanks Rachel for sharing you have another simple formula to getting the work done.

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