Generating a 5 figure monthly income online seems to be so hard and yet so easy if you know the basics of internet

marketing. Internet Marketing consists of two very important steps. These steps are:

Step 1: What You Must Have.   Step 2: What You Must Do.

Today I am going to talk mostly on Step 1 and  step 2 in another post.

5 Figure monthly income can be attained

In Step 1 There are five critical components that you must have for your online business to generate a 5 figure monthly income. I call them Keys to unlock your internet business. These are the core to generating money online. It does not matter what kind of business you are in or what you are selling, service or product.Without these 5 components you do not have a business. You might earn $10, $50 or even a $100 here and there , that’s not a business you want. You want a vibrant business, that will cause you to quit your job, to stop exchanging time for money, to sustain yourself and your family and even go places.

Where Do You Begin?


Step 1: What You Must Have: Key#1 Lead Capture Page

Lead Capture page /Squeeze Page is the first key that you need. This is merely a form that helps you to collect an email address so that you are able to communicate with the people that optin. This is known as lead generation and these are people who are interested in what you are selling.

Step 1: What You Must Have: Key#2 Autoresponder

For anyone to generate a 5 figure monthly income you need an autoresponder. After you capture the leads using the capture page they need to go to a contact management database, which is called an autoresponder. This software is able to send out emails to all the people whose email address you collected, it does not matter how many they are. It could be just 10, 50, or even thousands. Its such a neat tool. The coolest part is that you can send followup emails anytime you want unless they unsubscribe from your list. The autoresponder is your asset- it is the people that make you the money. You have what they want and they have the money,its an exchange.

Step 1: What You Must Have: Key#3 Blog

The blog is the platform that you can showcase more about yourself, more about what you are selling, your product or service. This is where you write content of value, training, videos, testimonials and more. You send these blog posts to your list and when they come to our blog they learn more about you and that way you they connect with you and begin to trust you. They see you as an expert on what you are selling.

Step 1: What You Must Have: Key#4 Offer

 You need an offer . If you have nothing to offer, a product or service you are selling then there is no transaction happening you make no money. Have an offer that highly converts, that is in high demand and that has been proven to work, then you will generate you 5 figure monthly income.

Step 1: What You Must Have: Key#5 Traffic

You must have traffic. These are people that would be interested in what you are selling and you need lots of them. There are places where you can people, this would include places like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, craigslist, other people’s email lists, the list goes on.

There we now have the 5 critical components that are very necessary to have, in order to have a 5 figure monthly income. Step 2 , which shows what to do with all these tools will be the post, don’t miss it.

Do you have other that you know of that I missed out. Please share and comment below.


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