Do You Need Your Own Website?

Yes you need your own website and here is why.When I started a home business online I found out that I had to have a website of my own if I wanted a long term business. I found out very strong reasons for this important venture. People who own real estate understand this much better. You see when one owns a  house that person is  able to do all that he wants, in his house. It is not so when one rents a  house. I once lived in an apartment where the landlord dictated all the rules. Here goes the list

  • Do not change the colour of paint on the walls.
  • Do not own pets in the building,
  • Do not hang pictures on the wall as this damages the walls
  • and the list went on and on.

The commandments that the landlord gave me, inspired me, gave me  the zeal and encouragement I needed to buy my own property and I achieved that goal within 2 years  and it felt  so good. I feel it is more or less the same to have a business online but have no website. It is true you can make money with no website, but all you do is do everything on other people’s terms . You can be an affiliate, make money in millions, you still have no property of your own to have freedom to do whatever you want.

1. To promote yourself and your business:

Nowadays the main source of information is the internet. When one needs more knowledge on a topic the first thing to do is to “google it”. If you need to be found and known then you should have your own website.  If I want to buy a car, phone or whatever,  before I do so I go to the internet to read some reviews about the different types of the product,  that way I make a decision on what to buy.  When you have your website you look authentic and genuine.  Remember you brand yourself when you have a website, many times some people use their names for domain names- Some other domain names can be chosen as well.

2. To reach the global market:

You are able to reach the whole world. More and more people are using the internet, on  the desk top, laptop and even more now on their cell phones. There is no reason not to have your own website when you have such an advantage over any competitor who does not have a website. You are able to contact people through social media, via emails and Skype.

3. Save time and Money and make money :

Once the website is all set it is good to go, and can function on its own.  You do not need to be there 24 hours a day, but your business is open 24 hours a day. You work once and money is residual.  It is less expensive than owning a  brick store, people can buy from your website even when  you are sleeping.  The costs are minimal. The important thing to watch out for is to have your website done professionally from the beginning. It needs to be set right at onset.

Do you need your own website,  done professionally then:

 Check here to learn.








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    1 Response to "3 Strong Reasons You Need Your Own Website"

    • Mark

      Three excellent points Siphosith!

      And I really love and can totally appreciate your analogy
      about comparing renting to owning your own home!

      When you only market other vendors products and services,
      they’re pretty much calling all of the shots!

      But when it’s your website and or WordPress blog,
      you’re the final decision maker!

      And that can mean the difference between overall
      success or temporary failure!

      Thanks for sharing three excellent points Siphosith!
      Mark would like you to read…Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Definitely Needs This Extremely Powerful Five Letter Word!My Profile

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