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When I heard about this book the 10x rule I ordered the CDs from Amazon and I listened to it  all the time in my car. I will share with you my take away points from the book. I had never heard of this book or the the author Grant Cardone. After reading /listening to the book I was never the same again.

Success in the new world is defined by extreme success which requires actions beyond the normalcy. You may not achieve so called success as defined by the world if you stick to the strategies that every other guy employs. By following what everybody does, you will end up being an average guy. If you think of achieving huge success, you need to keep remove the chances of luck. You need to make success an everyday routine by taking it as an onus. The 10x rule by Grant Cardone walks stride by stride with you to guide you to your path of phenomenal success.

Here are some of the important take away points from the book


1. When you are obliged to grand success how will you know how much effort you should put to maintain the flow of success

Who doesn’t like to have a taste of imposing success! Everybody desires to achieve that. Even people have spectacular ideas to work with. People with businesses such as carpet cleaning, car dealers, dental practitioners, internet marketers just to name a few, all desire success. They may not always succeed because they lack the action plan. Even if they act on those plans, they don’t really know how much effort they should put to achieve success of at least their desired level.

Here comes the approach of the book popularly known as the “Massive Action” or fourth degree action. These actions will help you get rid of the fear that you have in your mind. With these rules, you won’t be late for anything to implement in your life. Your every action will be linked to a purpose. What others can’t do, you will do that. In other ways, you are going to be different through these actions.

2. Clearly defined goals are necessary for splendid success

The book introduces you to a new world of goal setting. The book mentions about 10x rules or goals. The book mentions about the importance of setting goals for realizing those through actions. Goals are very important in your lives. With proper goals you can be able to act properly. You will also succeed in the desired time frame. The most important thing is that you will never get disheartened once you set proper goals.

Grant Cardone talks about SMART goals. The acronym of R is realistic goals. By reading the formulae, you can get to know how important the goals are in your life. When you plan for achieving 10 times of your goals, you will never have the fear of falling short. You may fall short of 10x but you may not stop improving. This has been made clear in the book for your understanding.


  1. Set high targets

As a marketing giant, the author always pushes you for setting high targets. He elucidates the significance of setting high targets with the help of explicit examples. If you have to show certain amount of sales by the end of a certain month, then you should set you target as 10x. Unfortunately, if you don’t think you can achieve the target, then don’t even think of coming down.

Instead of lowering your targets, you can enhance the action levels to achieve the preset target. You are never on the side of shortfalls. Even if you fail to achieve the preset target, you are falling short of your target. You are nowhere in a place with missed targets.

The author mentions that targets are always meant for witnessing fluctuations. You need to reach your preset target value at any cost. Get the idea of changing target out of your mind. You are on the verge of achieving thriving success and as part of that you are following the 10x rule.

  1. Four levels of action

Level I: No action at all

Believe it or not most of the people in the world are in this level. They don’t work at all.

Level II: Retreat mode

Some of the people initiate actions but jitters in the initial levels stop them for further actions. People at this level don’t like to admit their mistakes and they stop trying forever. This level of action takes people in the reverse direction.

Level III: Average action

Pretty ambiguous level as described by the author. It seems from the outside world that people are really working. But in reality, people don’t do anything at this level.

Level IV: Be ready for extreme action

This is a level where in the initial stage you will be humiliated by haters. Then they will start to ignore you for your actions. The next stage is the most astonishing stage where you will get all the appreciation of your hard work. Hate and love are two complementary feelings. Without hatred, love can’t be felt. Without failure, you can’t savor the taste of success.

There is no way you can escape and get success by your lame excuses. You have to work hard and sweat it out for every bit of success that you wish to get.

5. If success is based on rules, then why do people fail: The book gives solutions to the entire problems

The author explains this pretty clearly in the book. This book is not only meant for those who wish to get massive success in their lives but also this book is for the people who wish to know why they failed. By going through the book you will get to know about the steps that you should take to get success in your life. As you follow every step that is mentioned in the book, you can easily identify the reason of your failure in the specific step.

You started your journey to get success but you failed. There are ways to get you back on track. The book also guides to rectify your problems or mistakes that you made in the past.

Final points

10X rule is all about how you are going to estimate your actions to supersede your targets, how you are going to follow the fourth level of action, how you are going to manage time, why people fail and people success and ways to solve problems that impede your success.

“Never settle for mediocre; it will shorten your chances of getting success” is a very important message of the book.  If you are looking for a way to uplift your motivation and amplify your standards to achieve higher goals, I highly recommend the 10x Rule.

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