A home business entrepreneur should know the following:

There are some business facts that I wish I had known even before I started as a home business entrepreneur, which I would like to share with others so that they can avoid  or correct  before it is too late.

1.Have  a plan 

When building a house the builders have a blue print for the house, when going on a trip you have directions, a map or a gps, for navigating. We all know how important it is to have these even before you start. It is so true with starting an online business as well. As a home business entrepreneur, set up some realistic goals of how and where you want your business to go.

2. Have a mentor

Usually you will find someone who has the experience of what you are looking to achieve. Many times the mentor will guide you and help you achieve what you want quicker, he already has a system in place. He will also introduce you to his network and you move at a faster rate.

3. Follow a system-this way you are not shooting aimlessly.

Stick to one program until you have mastered it. A system is more like a machine, saves you time and money. If you have worked in a manufacturing company you know how this works, take for example making chips: begins from the farm that supplies the potatoes, it has to be a constant supply, potatoes are cleaned and peeled, then cut the right size, then cooked, then packaged into small packs, then into boxes, then into skids and shipped to the stores.

This is a system that is followed day in and day out. All the workers come in and they know where to go and what to do. The system might not be perfect at the beginning but it is tweaked from time to time to make it work better. When I started as a home business entrepreneur I kept jumping from product to product trying to make money . One day I am promoting one product using face book, then the next day I read “the money is in the list”, I start to build a list, the next day there is a new soft ware, on and on, for two years I did this and achieved nothing. I wasted precious time  and I lost money too, I was buying eBooks, software and  joining coaching sessions. I could have been making money and far ahead with my online business by now. I finally found a system so easy to follow. Do not waste time and money like me, check out my system, you can never go wrong.

4.There is nothing like quick success

Have you ever heard of the expression “Rome was not built in a day”- build your business one day at a time. Many a times when you are a home business beginner you are bombarded with emails and adverts that tell you can make money- “thousands or millions” in 30 days. Some of this stuff might be true or might not be true. Some of these people have had their system working and perfected for a number of years, however some are just hyping it so you can buy whatever product they are selling. For one to have a stable business one needs to build it slowly until you get to point where you have your own system, your own “chips factory”.

5. Outsource what you can

When you are a new home business entrepreneur, many times you do not know how to do even the simple things. If you can learn how to do them then go ahead and do so. If you can afford it, outsource some of the stuff. I had  a difficult time trying to get my website up and running, to someone this can be done in a matter of minutes. Why not use people like that. If you go over to Fiverr, some of this can be done for you for five dollars. You can use the time for something else and you move at a faster pace as well. So you look at your skills and time and choose tasks that need to be outsourced.

6. Keep Learning

Learning does not ever end, things keep changing and so there is need to keep updating yourself and learning new things. Policies and rules keep changing, companies like Google, Face book, Amazon have changed theirs in the past few years.

There is lots to learn especially when you are a beginner in internet marketing and starting to run a business. Books and other websites are a good source of knowledge that can be used. Mentors are good sources of knowledge and from them you can just learn by watching them and what they do.

7. Associate with progressive people

“Birds of a feather flock together” Having the right set of mind is key to success in internet marketing. Some people are blessed in that when they began their business everyone was on their side and all was encouraging. But when I started it was not so. Family and friends will constantly tell me that it is not possible to make money online and I could not be a home business entreprenuer. Words are so powerful, they are creative if you will believe what they say. For a long time this pulled me down.  I began to read books of inspiration, listened to motivational speeches. I even had to drop some friends who were not helping me, but tough one I could not drop my family, however I tried not to talk about the subject as much as I could, until I began to show some results. I started looking for friends that were of the same mind.

8. Do not quit

There are times when you can talk yourself out of continuing with your business due to whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes bright ideas come into mind but after a lot of analyzing and thinking you talk yourself out of it. Sometimes you think of quitting when you are just about to make a breakthrough. It is important to not quit, I had that issue of thinking of quitting, and finding a mentor changed my business completely.

9. Self discipline

Some of us have been working under a boss for a while and have the mentality of having a boss check on us to see if work was done. This is not the case once you are a home business entrepreneur, you are the worker as well as the boss. One has to learn self discipline quite early in the business or you are not able to achieve much at the end of the day. There has to be a well set out schedule for the day and be sure the important tasks are done daily. It is very easy to spend an hour or more on the computer but having achieved nothing  worthwhile in terms of building your business. I set up my schedule for the day and stick to it as much as possible. Most of my time should be allocated to money making activities.

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. 
-Thomas Edison

10. Create a product

It is important to have your own product. I have been promoting other people’s products as an affiliate. This is not bad, it makes you some money, as an affiliate you share the money with the owner of the product, but think of it if it was your product 100% of the money is yours. My mentor has stressed this many times to me, so I am still working on a product of my own-coming soon.

However my system allows you to get 100% commission from the products you sell. 








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